About DIR

Hello there!

Welcome to the website of DIR Tree. We’re here to provide for all of your tree service needs, whether it is branch cutting, tree removal, or something else.

Who is DIR?

If you’re looking at acquiring our services, you might be wondering who we are. DIR stands for the first names of the three men who started and still run this company. They are Derek, Ingham, and Rodney. Their story of coming into the tree cutting business is not farfetched, but it is a little uncanny. However, sometimes unusual upbringings can breed some of the best in the class.

Derek, Ingham, and Rodney (we’ll go back to calling them DIR for short) were all avid members of the outdoors club at their university. More than any other outdoor activity, they loved to climb trees. They climbed trees so much that they even entered competitions and won them handily.

After graduating with forestry degrees, these three friends were looking for a way to continue their love for trees and each other’s company. With a little bit of guidance from some mentors and family friends, they realized that with some training, they could become certified arborists and make a career out of climbing trees.

They did just that. Only two years after graduating college, DIR started their own company under the DIR name. To cut costs, they ran operations out of Derek’s parents’ house. The small business took off due to these climber’s expertise and indomitable spirits. Fifteen years later, DIR is doing better than ever and is one of the leading arbor companies in the region.

Thanks for all that you’ve done for us so far! We hope to continue working with us as long as humanly possible.